MilaNote - The Organisational Tool for Creative Minds

$9.99 / month [Unlimited notes, images or links, Unlimited file uploads, Unlimited shared boards]
My principle interests are in photography and film-making, but many of the tools that I use in pursuit of those interests were made for businesses. Project management suites, task and to-do apps, spreadsheets, databases and the like might be fine for an office, but they're not the best fit for creatives.

For some time now I've been using a combination of Notes apps and mind-mapping apps to get myself organised. Previously I used Evernote, but then I realised that Apple Notes did pretty much everything Evernote did, plus more beside, came free with the operating system and sync'd across all of my devices, so I cancelled Evernote and moved to Notes. To get my various projects (such as my YouTube channels and this site) organised I use mind-mapping tools - my favourite of which is MindNode. It's a cool solution, but the main problem is getting stuff from one system or app to another system or app. So I was intrigued when I learned about MilaNote, which does pretty much everything Notes and MindNode do, but is fully integrated.

Flexible Friend

The first thing that strikes you about MilaNote is how slick the design is - it's an impressive web app utilising a paired-down and functional interface that gets out of the way when you need it to. You can theme it dark or light depending on your preference and then begin adding stuff using a simple drag-and-click methodology built around a block system. On the left of the screen is the main toolbar and on the right is your home screen onto which you build out your notes.

The core building block of your MilaNote library is the Board. Boards are freeform containers for any information you'd like to cluster together. For instance you could have a photo-shoot board, a holiday ideas board or an ideas board. The information you decide to add to the board is entirely up to you, but the developers have helpfully created a large variety of templates to cover many of the basic set-ups you might like to use. These include everything from mood boards and design briefs through to product launch plans and funding trackers. 

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