Photographers love the golden hour and the soft flattering light the sun casts on the lanscape. And while this collection was shot during golden hour (mainly at Gerroa), these photos are a different kind of golden hour - shot directly into the sun and turning any figures into anonymous silhouettes.


One of the so-called rules I was told about when I first started in photography was – never shoot directly into the sun. Well, I’ve never been a big believer in rules and I greatly enjoy shooting into the sun, particularly at sunset, when the world’s colour palette turns to gold.This series is a collection of photographs taken mainly at sunset. The light about five minutes before the sun goes down is a very particular shade – a vibrant gold colour. I shoot directly into the sun against this colour so as to silhouette the people who happen to be on the beach at that time. Many of these shots were taken at the north end of Seven Mile Beach in Gerroa – a location which lends itself particularly well to this sort of shot.
For the last 16 years I’ve been photographing, blogging (and more recently vlogging) about everything I find, see and enjoy here in South Coast, New South Wales. This is my blogging site focused on my hobby (and part-time job) of photography. Please enjoy my little writing and my photography and I’d love to hear your feedback.
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