The Main Range and Mount Stillwell in the Snowy Mountains

I've lived in Australia for 16 years now, but this was actually my first ever trip to the alpine region. It's only a four and a half hour drive from our home on the coast so I really don't have an excuse for not visiting previously. I'm not interested in winter sports and couldn't afford to visit this area in the snow even if I was, because's it a notoriously pricey place to stay when the snows arrive, so it was nice to visit during the autumn.

We decided to walk up Mount Stillwell because we were told it had the best views of the Main Range of mountains which includes Australia's tallest peak - Mount Kosciuszko. It was a great little hike up to the trig point and the views were, indeed, stunning. Better still we pretty much had the walk to ourselves, despite it being the long weekend and enjoyed a peaceful time at the top before walking back down to the trailhead at Charlotte's Pass.

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