2021 - My Year in Review

Published: December 24, 2021
We all hoped 2021 would be a slightly more normal year than 2020 and here in Australia it certainly was a big improvement. However there were still limits on travel caused by border closures and bans on international flights, and other rules designed to limit the spread of CoVID had an on-going impact on our everyday lives. This is reflected in the number of photographs I took in 2021 - which was just over 17,000. Compare that with nearly 38,000 in 2019 or over 40,000 in 2016. It's not a complaint mind you - just an observation - if the worst I can say about CoVID is that it had a small impact on the number of opportunities I had to take photographs, then we can definitely rank it under the title of 'first world problems'!

January / February

My first chance to get out with camera in the new year was the 12th of January. I took the opportunity to photograph a sunrise (my favourite thing) in my favourite style. These photos were both taken at Berrys Beach which is the non-official local name for mid-Seven Mile Beach. I visited this location more often than I normally would during 2020 because it was within my 5km radius and I would walk here with Catherine for exercise.

One of my favourite views in Shoalhaven Heads looks great at sunrise.
Little thunderstorm arrived at sunset.
Definitely one of my favourite shots of the year - this is a massive image generated from a 360º pano.

March / April

Looking through my archive of images, March and April were pretty quiet for me. The furthest I travelled in those two months was Kiama, which is a just 19km away. This was prior to a ban on travel outside your local council area of course.

Here in the Shoalhaven LGA we had it pretty good because our council region covers over 4700Km². It handily includes everywhere from Berry to North Durras taking in all of Jervis Bay, Kangaroo Valley, much of the massive Morton National Park, Sussex Inlet, Conjola, Mollymook, Murramurang National Park and Ulladulla. Compare that with Kiama LGA which is basically Kiama, Gerroa and Gerringong and covers just 250Km². And of course the Sydney LGAs are all tiny in comparison. So even with the council's locked down I could have travelled if I'd wanted to, but I didn't.

Late summer sunsets in Gerroa are often horizon-to-horizon golden light and that was certainly the case this year. I like shooting directly towards the direction of the sun because it throws everything else into silhouette.

Photos Taken in 2021


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May / June

During the autumn months I did actually travel slightly further afield. Catherine had to go into Sydney to finalise her citizenship and, with the appointment being early in the day, we decided to book into a hotel in the city. In the evening I explored the city from our hotel room with my long lens and then styled the images with a Cyberpunk look that I really liked.

About a week after the Sydney trip a massive east coast low developed in the Tasman Sea and spun up a massive swell which impacted the east coast. I went to Bombo to photograph the scene and got some amazing photographs and a cool video that I shot in 240fps slow motion.

There were also some lovely sunrise and sunsets in between which I was able to photograph at the nearby beaches.

Big Day at Bombo

If you've ever visited Bombo before you'll know how big these rocks are and consequently how large the waves here were.

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One of several memorable sunsets in Shoalhaven Heads

Cyber Sydney

July / August

In the winter I scored some of my favourite sunrise/sunset shots. Movement was still heavily restricted at that time of the year, so the shots are all very local. I often find myself choosing the easy option when it comes to landscape shots and drive to my nearest beach to take the images and lockdown and my own anxiety contributed to that. But when I did go a little bit further I always enjoyed it and, if 2022 brings become some normality hopefully I'll start travelling properly again.

Definitely one of my favourite shots of the year. This little island was formed after some floods on the river here and I had my eye on it for some time with a view to getting a good shot here. On this evening I was fortunate enough to be joined by this bird who kindly posed for me as the sun set behind him.

The Birds

Classic pastel sunset at Gerroa.

September / October

As autumn arrived it became apparent that the pandemic was a long way from being over, but our freedom of movement was improved slightly here when the state government ended the ban on moving between council regions.

This is my second favourite shot of the year. In fact I liked it so much I got it printed nice and big and now hangs on the wall in our bedroom.
Another favourite. Love the light in this shot, perfectly captured by the X-T4.

November / December

As the end of the year rolled around we all thought we were done with pandemic related restrictions and started to celebrate and then Omicron arrived and took a huge great dump on the cake. Hey-ho. We're all getting quite used to this now though, aren't we.

The summer looked like being a wash-out thanks to a La Nina forecast promising a cooler and wetter end to the year and that's how it turned out. It started raining in October and it hasn't really stopped since. At least the dams are full again!

One of the few storm shots I took in 2021 - this was photographed with my drone from my back garden.
One of those photos that existed in my head for many years before I actually made it.
The Guardian of Drawing Room rocks - my favourite shot of the year.

And that's a wrap. 2021 is now just another folder list in my Adobe Lightroom catalog and I am choosing to look forward with optimism to whatever 2022 holds. Watch this space ...

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