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Sometimes I turn my opinions into words and share them here. I review photographic and film-making equipment. I also share my knowledge through guides and tutorials.

Stop looking for the perfect online portfolio and build your own
Photographers can showcase their photographs using myriad subscription services, but for full control and great indexing, you should strongly consider making your own Wordpress site.
K&F Concept 20L Camera Backpack
K&F's funky 20l camera backpack is at home outdoors as in the city.
MilaNote - The Organisational Tool for Creative Minds
I was intrigued when I learned about MilaNote, which does pretty much everything Notes and MindNode do, but is fully integrated.
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latest photo blogs

Where I’ve been going and what I’ve been photographing. When I head out to photograph a sunrise or a sunset, or spend some time on a particular beach or in a particular town, I put them in collections.

September 10, 2021
Colour Explosion at Sunset
An epic display of sky colour in a spring sunset on the Shoalhaven estuary.
August 29, 2021
Spring Sunset in Shoalhaven Heads
he clouds had looking promising a couple of hours before sunset, with that metallic sheen you get that promises either rainbows or sky colour
August 15, 2021
The Rainbow Lorikeets and the Gymea Lilly
I got lucky when a group of nine rainbow lorikeets rocked up and all got stuck into the lily in our garden.
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latest videos

I do reviews and editorial videos uploaded to my channel on YouTube - here are the latest ones.
September 4, 2021
Dummies Guide to Online Photo Portfolios
So you want an online photo portfolio - you have a lot of options but you have to think through the consequences before investing time, energy and web traffic in a particular platform.
August 31, 2021
K&F Concept 20l Camera Backpack Review
The K&F Concept Camera Backpack is a cheap but rugged backpack that I've been using for the last couple of weeks. In this video I share my thoughts on the bag, the pros and the cons.
December 18, 2020
Photographic Lessons I Learned the Hard Way
I've made some big mistakes over the years that have cost me money, wasted time and caused frustration. I thought I'd share those mistakes with you guys in the hope that you don't make them too.
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Andy Hutchinson

he sometimes looks meaningfully into the distance
Hey there. I’m Andy Hutchinson and for the last 14 years I’ve been photographing, blogging (and more recently vlogging) about everything I find, see and enjoy here in South Coast, New South Wales. This is my blogging site focused on my hobby (and part-time job) of photography. Please enjoy my little writing and my photography and I’d love to hear your feedback.
© 2021 Andy Hutchinson
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