A diver keeps a close watch on a tiger shark in the Bahamas. But the scene may not be as dangerous as it looks: Tigers rely on surprise to hunt prey and are unlikely to attack divers who keep them in sight by BRIAN SKERRY

All the big newspaper and magazine sites have got their 2016 photo lists up. You can find retrospective collections here:

  • The Wall Street Journal have 365 photos to showcase including the image above – link.
  • The White House have a great collection up on Medium byPete Souza, Chief White House Photographer – link.
  • Reuters have 106 noteworthy photgraphs in their collection – link.
  • The legendary Magnum photo agency have some terrific shots in their collection – link.
  • Nature Magazine have chosen some stunning and saddening photos – link.
  • 2016 in pictures by the New York Times – link.
  • The BBC have recorded the year in pictures – link.
  • Time Magazine has gone for the 10 best shots of the year – link.
  • National Geographic soldier on despite now being owned by Murdoch’s poisonous empire – they’ve chosen 52 images to highlight –  link.
  • The Evening Standard newspaper in London have got 40 photos in their selection – link.
  • Haaertz has a great selection in its gallery – link.
  • The IBTimes have an awesome article highlighting the ‘best of the best’ – all the big winners of the all the big photo competitions – some truly outstanding imagery in there – link.
  • CNN have some surprising images in their round-up – link.
  • My local one – the Sydney Morning Herald’s choice of the best shots from 2016 – link.
  • I really like the Guardian Travel’s round-up of their best Instagram imagery from 2016 – link.
  • Some amazing shots collected by the US Army – link.
  • Not highbrow for sure, but some great photography nonetheless in Hello’s roundup – link.
  • Some strange choices by UK Vogue – link.
  • And finally, here’s tech blog The Verge’s selection – link.