Cloud looked promising last night, so I headed out onto the estuary in Shoalhaven Heads to see if we got any cloud back-lighting. It didn’t quite pop as well as I was hoping, but there was still a good amount of high cloud to add a bit of drama. It was really windy out on the sand-flats, but dramatic for all that. Bits of the dunes have been fenced off to protect some rare shorebirds that breed here and I wouldn’t swap homes with them in conditions like last night.

The obligatory soft focus shot on the 50mm looking out towards the setting sun.


Tide was a long way out so I could get right out onto the sand flats. Picked up a fair bit of crap on the front of the lens too unfortunately.


Love this old log – so weather-beaten.


Looking east and the sky was all pinks and blues.


The high level clouds were getting ushered away by the wind.


Long exposure shot, to smooth out the water.


On the dunes. The sign and fenced off area are where the nesting shorebirds are.


Colour rapidly disappearing, looking down-river with the 50mm.


Last shot of the night as the colour fades into the west.