Warm Day in Jervis Bay

Forecast was so awesome yesterday, that I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take my new Mavic 2 Pro drone for a fly in Jervis Bay. I decided to head down to Callala Beach which is located on the western side of Jervis Bay on the Nowra side. Conditions turned out to be beautiful, although the wind started picking up a bit around midday and I got a few strong wind warnings on the Mavic. I flew at Callala Bay, then over Callala Beach and I finished the day at Myola where I had a refreshing dip in Currumbene Creek.

Callala Bay was looking pretty damned inviting.


The usual boatie traffic coming and going at the boat ramp in Callala Bay.


I know right, pretty sweet place to have a beachside property.


Callala Bay is the centre of the yachting scene in Jervis Bay and there’s always loads of boats moored here.


Looking north along Callala Beach towards the headland at Callala Bay


Few lucky folks were enjoying the 30ยบ temperatures at the start of what promises to be a very warm summer.


Down at the southern end of Callala Beach, looking north.


You can hire kayaks from the Jervis Bay Kayak shop in Huskisson and get out on the water to explore beautiful Currumbene Creek.


How nice is Currumbene looking? In the far distance you can see the Woolamia Boat Ramp.


Idyllic afternoon down on the creek.


How pretty is this? That’s Callala/Myola Beach on the left, Currumbene Creek on the right and Huskisson in the background.


Water temperatures were perfect for a swim.


You can see the creek navigation channel in between the two lines of boats here, but it does get a bit shallow at low tide.


Last shot of the day, looking north-east over Callala Beach and you can see me, the only figure on the beach!

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