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Vincentia’s Beaches at Sunset

As I do most evenings I checked the sky last night to see if we might get some sunset colour. The clouds looked good, so I had a squizz at the radar and could see gaps in the clouds to the south. So, with two hours still to go until sunset I decided to drive south to Jervis Bay. I was initially going to go to the north side of the bay but I have been trying to catch good sunset colour at Greenfields in Vincentia for a while now, so I went there instead. Unfortunately Greenfields was super-busy with loads of tourists about and, since I don’t do crowds, I decided to check out Blenheim instead …

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Sometimes shots come together through circumstance and sometimes they come together by design. This shot was one I definitely composed. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the best angle for the channels in the rocks to serve as leading lines and this was the option I liked the best because it points to the right edge of the headland and the setting sun.


Plantation Point is a located on the western edge of Jervis Bay in Vincentia. It’s one of my favourite spots for sunsets in the bay because you can walk out onto the rock shelf and photograph the sun setting over the water with the tripod.

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  1. Stephen lo

    I’m currently on holidays in Jervis Bay and will try to go to the same spot for shooting sunset photos. Thank you for the advice & guide.

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