Some people are destined for greatness and some are destined to wallow around on the fringes of the outskirts of the boundaries of the outer edges of greatness. This is true in all walks of life and definitely true in the world of landscape photography where a few shooting stars achieve stratospheric success and the rest of us work just as hard and get a bit damp occasionally for our reward. But fear not fellow C-List Landscape Photographers, I have analysed the data and come up with a blueprint to financial success that will lift you from total mediocrity to tepid adequacy. Groovy!

Adobe have officially removed the 360 functionality from Photoshop that I and many other photographers used to fix the nadir holes on sphere panos. Fortunately there's a great alternative in the form of Affinity Photo and in this vido I show you how easy it is to fix those pesky voids at the top or bottom of your sphere panos.

Drones are awesome and I am very happy to own one. However there's a few things that you won't find out in DJI's flashy marketing videos and so, in the interests of transparency, I thought I'd run through a few things I'd known at the start.

What do you reckon to the Mavic 3 then? I've had a poke around in the specs and had a look at some of the millions of uploads about it and in this video I give my verdict. I'm looking at it from an upgrade point of view for folks with Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic Air 2 and Air 2s and Phantom 4 Pro. Smash or pass? Let's find out!

If you've discovered the hobby of photography because you bought a drone then I have some solid tips to help you take more creative and more interesting photos.

Everything you need to know to buy, register and fly a drone (legally) here in Australia. This video is in three parts: which drone to buy (brand, model and size), what paperwork you need to complete (registering yourself and your drone) and how to fly it and avoid getting fined (including standard operating conditions).

In this video I take a look at after-market 'L' brackets for cameras and why they are useful for landscape photographers. I showcase my Smallrig L bracket and what the advantages and disadvantages of this system are.

I've been using my drone for landscape photography for 7 years now and during that time I've tried pretty much every drone-related app going. Not many of them stay on my phone for long, but some proved to be indispensable. So here are the five apps I regularly use to help me take awesome aerial photographs with my drone.

I got diagnosed with ASD about four years ago and then 18 months ago I was diagnosed with severe ADHD. I soon realised that these mental disorders had played a huge part in my interest in photography and also in the style of photographs I take.

I decided to ditch subscriber hosted portfolios and bloated Elementor WordPress websites and build a fast and responsive bespoke website. In this video I take you behind the scenes and explain the mechanics of the site and why I built it the way I did. I took my site from a pagerank on Google of 11/100, to a pagerank of 98/100.

For the last 16 years I’ve been photographing, blogging (and more recently vlogging) about everything I find, see and enjoy here in South Coast, New South Wales. This is my blogging site focused on my hobby (and part-time job) of photography. Please enjoy my little writing and my photography and I’d love to hear your feedback.
© 2021 Andy Hutchinson
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