Cloud forecast didn’t look too hopeful before I went to bed, but for once I had an early night and so decided to get up and photograph the sunrise. I headed down a very misty Coolangatta Road to Seven Mile Beach and found the beach a lot calmer than the last time I was here. It’s currently the school holidays and so there were some tourists about, including a family who wanted to watch the sunrise over Seven Mile and rocked up in pyjamas and dressing gowns and watched the day begin from the back dunes. Some more high cloud would have been nice, but the offshore cloud bank nicely dialled down the first light.

First shot of the day – some muted oranges looking south-east.


One of my favourites of the morning. On the right is Crookhaven Heads where the abandoned lighthouse is. On the left is the Beecroft Peninsula which is the top edge of Jervis Bay. Normally the noise grain would bother me a bit but I like it in this shot – feels like it was printed on grainy paper.


“Sleep well, Harry?”
“Yea, not bad, thanks for asking, bit of leg ache in the middle of the night, but not too bad. How’s the missus?”


Morning dew on the dune grass.


My friends Nicole and Jacob walking their nutcase of a dog.


Sea mist. Like something out of a John Carpenter movie.


Morning meeting out beyond the break as the sun pokes its bald head over the low cloud bank.


So here’s a photo that neatly demonstrates a shallow focal plane. I had the aperture set at f/2 and focused a short way into the scene, so there’s a thin slice of the image that’s focused (about half way up) and the rest is soft. Think this is my favourite shot of the morning.


Sun up.


Down low with the wide angle @ 10mm. You can practically see the back of your own head when it’s at its widest.


More adventures in shallow focal planes to create a cool little golden roadway over the surf.


The splash.


Really like this shot. Actually I rescind my vote for my previous photo and elect this one in its place. Sometimes the 50mm lens blows me away with its clarity. Love how the sun looks in this too. Might have to get this one printed.


Mum leaves the kids with dad for a minute to get a nice shot of the sunrise.


Funky dune grass.


Last shot of the morning, peeking over the back dunes in front of the surf club building.