I checked the cloud maps online this morning and knew that there wasn’t going to be an amazing amount of colour in the sky – but clouds add drama and I’m a strong believer in committing to going out and taking photographs even if the outlook isn’t great. So I headed to the beach, through some drizzling on-shore rain squalls and found that there was in fact a small gap in the medium-level clouds out on the horizon and we were getting a bit of colour. I did keep an eye out for whales too – but didn’t see any this morning.


First shot of the day, at the second path onto Shoalhaven Heads Beach. I always like to take a shot as soon as I get somewhere in case that’s the best of the colour.


The zoom lens was used here to fore-shorten the focal plane and add some foreground interest to the firey skies out at sea.


I love the feeling of the far horizon whenever I go to the beach – of the expanse of ocean out there and all that it contains.


The sea-birds were enjoying their early morning routines too – wheeling in the sky and flying low over the waves.


Looking north towards Gerroa which was completely covered with low rain clouds.


I’m pretty sure the birds get a kick out of flying so low above the ocean.