They’re here! Summer Sunset with the tourists on Seven Mile

Ah yes, it’s that time of year, when I have to suck it up and share the beach with the holidaymakers. Not such a huge issue on Seven Mile Beach of course because there’s a lot of beach to go around and last night was a very low tide indeed so there was about double the room anyway. Sky looked promising from the get-go and it turned out okay, although low level cloud did bubble up out west to ruin things slightly. There was a bit of wind, but the drone flew beautifully and I got shots from up in the air and down on the ground.

Wind blown dune looked neatly structural.


Most folks had headed back to their holiday accommodation for a bite to eat and something cool and alcoholic by the time I sent the drone up.


Out on one of the sand bars exposed by the low tide.


Not much in the way of a swell meant not much in the way of surfers.


Wind was blowing the sand off the spit.


Remants of kids sand castles and dams.


That’s me over on the left.


Golden reflections in the water.


Think this was my favourite of the evening – I like the little water-flow on the left leading up towards the ocean.


Down low.


Evening relaxation on the beach.


Sunset colours rapidly fading.


Ah yes, has to be a 180┬║ doesn’t there. Bit of a tough one to stitch due to the ocean and the low light, but it came out okay. I like the lonely figure on the sand in the centre of the frame.


Last shot of the night, long exposure  on the tripod with the missing pink colour finally showing up.

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