Morton National Park is a sizeable area of wilderness in the Shoalhaven. The largest part of the park (to the west of Jervis Bay) is the size of the ACT and, for the most part, is officially designated as wilderness. There are many ways of getting out into the park, from short walks to lookouts through to multi-day hikes out into the wild. Sitting somewhere between those two extremes is the Mount Bushwalker track. This walk begins at a carpark above Porters Creek Dam and heads west into the park along a plateau. The walk is flat all the way and well marked with boardwalks or yellow marker dots. At the end of the walk you arrive at the Mount Bushwalker lookout which affords incredible views out across the park to Pigeon House Mountain, the Castle and the Shrouded Gods. It’s about 3.5km each way and there are side-tracks you can explore if you like including one out to a remote waterfall. I spent a pleasant morning out in the park (my first time to this location) and exploring the gently sloping landscapes of this part of Morton.

The walk in is actually well shaded, making it a good track to explore in summer when oppressive heat  makes other tracks unpleasant. Most of it is well marked and it’s pretty obvious which way to go.


This is the first glimpse you get of the amazing Castle – one of the most famous landmarks in Morton.


Everywhere you look is nothing but pristine park and tree-lined valleys.


With the drone in the air I got a clear shot looking west, across to Pigeon House, Shrouded Gods and the Castle.


From the ground you can just see the summit of Pigeon House poking above the escarpment on the plateau.


There are numerous tracks through the park, but once you head deeper into the park than this location you need to go prepared.


There is a hike out to the Castle which can be completed in one day, but there is some climbing involved in order to reach the summit.


There are lots of awesome lookouts all around the perimeter of Mount Bushwalker.


Amazing how some fauna stands out so clearly in the grey/green bushland.


It’s an incredibly peaceful location. Shortly after taking this shot two wedge tailed eagles soared overhead riding the thermals.


Last shot of the day looking out to the Castle from the south of the main lookout.