The Rock, The Swimmer and The Whales

I must admit that I dithered a bit this morning when trying to decide where to go and photograph the sunrise. I knew from the forecast that the cloud was looking promising, so I was up in plenty of time, but I hadn’t firmed up my destination before I went to bed as I normally do. So I let the car decide and, at the end of the driveway, the car headed north  and I ended up in Gerringong. I originally parked up at the southern end of Werri and walked down onto the rocks, but I discovered that the council was doing maintenance work on the rock pool and it was completely empty. So a change of plan was in order. I drove over the hill, past the cemetery and down steep little hill to Boat Harbour and walked around the corner to the other rock pool. There was absolutely no wind and I don’t think I have ever seen the ocean here as becalmed as it was this morning – only the absolute tiniest of little waves slowly rippling lazily onto the rocks. It was so calm in fact that I got down onto rocks I’ve never been able to get close to before. I enjoyed a colourful sunrise at the harbour and then, as I was packing up, spotted whales off in the distance. So I drove back round to Werri and went up onto the headland to try and photograph the whales as they passed by.

First shot of the day, over-looking the boundary wall of the rock pool. Nobody was in the pool by this stage and the ocean itself was nearly as glass-like.


One of the rocks was completely exposed due to the calm conditions.


Sky really started to fire up by this point. I flicked the polariser to block some of the reflections on the water and show the bottom of the pool.


Looking north under the cliff edges. You can walk right round to South Werri from here.


Down low on the rock platform capturing the reflections in the little pools.


It was really weird seeing the ocean this calm – on most days you’d be very wet if you stood here.


I climbed right down to the water’s edge to capture the seaweed on the ledge.


Looking south and the sky was back-lit.


First swimmer of the day showed up as I was heading out. Water temperature was actually quite pleasant.


Last shot of the day and two humpbacks head north to the breeding grounds.


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