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Boy oh boy was it chilly on the beach this morning. 0.5ºc according to my car’s thermometer. The only good thing about it was that there was virtually no wind – if there had been I probably would have stayed in the car and flown the drone or something because my shorts/crocs combo wasn’t cutting it. Anyway, as always I had a peek behind the bedroom blinds before heading out so I knew there was unlikely to be any backlit cloud. It was still a fun sunrise though and there’s always something interesting to photograph. Shout-out to the two young ladies that came down to the beach in their jammies (and wearing a doona initally!).

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Shoalhaven Heads Beach is towards the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, just before the start of the old Shoalhaven River mouth. It’s a fairly wild bit of beach as they go, but you can capture some great shots by including the arc of the beach heading north and south.

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