Had high expectations for last night’s sunset with loads of awesome high level cloud about, but in the end most of the clouds had disappeared by the time they were needed. What was left did  get back-lit so it wasn’t a complete wash-out, and, as I often say – it’s just great to be on the beach in the evening watching the day tick over to night.

Almost full moon looking rather funky. I love how you can see the craters on it.


Not terrible surf, but not brilliant either – the occasional wave if you’re prepared to wait for long enough.


That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.


The birds did their usual pre-sunset roosting dance, before settling down near the high-tide mark for the night.


Long exposure to get those swirly lines of the receeding waves.


That’s me, in my headphones. Depending on how I’m feeling I listen to the breakfast show on BBC Radio 6 (with Shaun Keevney) or the news on the BBC World Service or an electronic dance mix on Mixcloud or Soundcloud.


Last orange fading to the south.


Last shot of the night taken from the little bridge over Crooked River. That’s Broughton Head, named after a famous local aboriginal tracker who was in the employ of Alexander Berry. There’s an amazing story about Broughton and his brother actually that would make an amazing film.