Proper collaborative effort for this sunset shoot. I’d been watching the sky and could see that the bushfire smoke from the hazard reduction burns near Sydney had made it this far down the coast and figured it might make for interesting light. Catherine joined me for a little drive to Shoalhaven Heads and, after checking out the top boat ramp and the public wharf we decided to see what played out at the Hay Avenue ramp. As it happened, what occurred was not much in the way of colour, but it was incredible moody and peaceful and quiet and windless. Several of these shots are by Catherine, who found the awesome bird sitting on the sign by the fish cleaning station and posed nicely for our photos.

Mr Bird, showing his best side.


Really misty out over the oyster fetches. The birds roost on them overnight.


One of my favourite trees – a mangrove in which birds roost.


Just enjoying the serenity, how about you?


One of Catherine’s shots, taken with an iPhone.


Little bit of golden colour peeked through from the flanks of Mount Coolangatta.


Another iPhone shot from Catherine catching a dash of gold in the water reflections.


Catherine was photographing Mr Bird as he decided to fly away. And just after he departed, so did we.