Pretty sure it’s down to climate change, but the warmer months certainly lingered this year. Even at the end of April, when I took these photos it was like summer. I always find the end of the day the most interesting on any beach – the surfers heading in, mums calling the kids in so they can head back to the holiday house to have their evening meal, people jogging, night fishermen setting up, day fishermen packing up, couples walking up the sand hand-in-hand. Sometimes the sky turns on a show for them too.



Seemed like a fairly unassuming sunset initially … but colour was brewing.


Looking back towards Gerroa the sky was back-lit to get great effect. This was a long exposure to smooth out the waves.


This mum was calling her son in and he reluctantly returned to shore from the breakers he’d been boogie-boarding in.


This was peak-colour -burnished golds and oranges as far as the eye could see.


My wife Catherine doesn’t always join on my regular sunset shoots, but when she does I like to get her into a shot or two.


Colour fading but still burning fiercely on the far horizon.