Another chilly one this morning, but no rain. Forecast didn’t hold much promise for morning colour, but as always, I try and go somewhere for sunrise as often as I can. The wind was off-shore and biting and I had to go back to the car to get my spray jacket to keep a bit warmer. Plenty of avian activity on Seven Mile including my old friend the eagle who, as always, flew south down the beach from wherever he roosts to go hunting around the estuary.

Wide open aperture on my 50mm prime lens for that buttery smooth look.


Wind was blowing, time stood still
Eagle flew out of the night
He was something to observe


Ocean leaving its imprint on the tidal sand of the beach.


Always great to do your morning exercise on the beach and to see the sunrise as you do it.


Hello, crow.


Sun started coming up behind the offshore cloud-bank and the seabirds headed north to go fishing.


The stretch between the golf club path and the caravan park path is an official dog walking section of beach and it’s always great to see pooches on the beach.


Sun up.


Trio of bitterns. I didn’t know these were bitterns at the time but I looked them up when I got home. I should probably know more about birds than I do.


Golden jewel on the horizon, but none of that De Beers rubbish.


Last shot of the morning on the way back to the car, looking down the main beach path.