It has been four years since I got to experience the awesomeness that is bioluminescence. The word went out that the bio was back in Jervis Bay and so I headed down with Catherine to have a look and take some photographs. It wasn’t as strong as the first time I’d seen it, but it was still brilliant. Unfortunately there weren’t any waves to stir up the water (which is what triggers the bioluminescent display from the algae) so we had to do so manually, wading around in the water and stirring it up. It was a memorable night and such a cool natural phenomenon to witness in person.

First shot of the night, just after sunset. The red smudge you can see is me and if you look in the foreground you can see my bioluminescent footprints leading away.


Nice little sunset playing out but we were interested in the glowing blue stuff. The smudges you can see in all of these photographs are my legs.


By wading around in the water you can agitate the algae causing them to glow.


I think this is my favourite shot of the evening. It looks like someone spray-painted the rocks in neon-blue.


Well after dark now and the colours really started to zing.


There were a few other photographers down at the beach enjoying the display. The word got out pretty quickly and lots of folks came down to experience this amazing scene.


Beach to myself for the time-being and small waves combined with some water splashes brought out the best in the rocks.