Sunset. Sunrise. Berry. And the Beach.

Has to be said, it’s been awesome having the restricted airspace here inactive over these last few days, because it means I can fly in the evenings as well as the early mornings. Last night I drove down to my local sports oval here in Berry to take some evening shots of the sunset. Then this morning I ignore the very overcast skies and headed down to Berrys Beach (Mid Seven Mile) to photograph the sunrise. Had a lot of fun with the Mavic 2’s 180º pano mode – I think it’s my new favourite thing.

This is a nine shot pano taken from about 80m up. You can see the old old buildings of Berry on the main street and all the bland new identical ‘country’ style white picket fence houses that have taken over the town.


The full 180º pano. On the left is the new roundabout that leads into Berry and on the right the Berry bypass which opened last year. That triangular bit of land on the right between the town and the bypass is going to be a large playground/activity area which will I suspect be a huge drawcard for the town.


Slightly more compressed pano taken from about 100m up, showing the bowling club on the left and the new Stepford Wives houses currently being built on the right.


First shot this morning of the sunrise from Berrys Beach. In the distance you can see a punchy little electrical storm which blew through here in the early hours of the morning.


The view to the south and you can see rain coming down above Nowra.


Some rain up in the direction of Wollongong too.


About 100m up, looking north towards Gerroa.


Favourite shot of the last 24 hours – full 180º pano above Seven Mile Beach National Park, with Gerroa on the left and Mount Coolangatta on the right.

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