It has definitely been a turbulent spring here in south coast NSW. Normally the temperatures would be consistently in the mid to high 20s but we haven’t got anywhere near that apart from a couple of brief warm spells. There’s also been dramas with the weather conditions with storms, heavy rain, strong winds, hail and even red dust clouds blown to the coast from inland. These two sunsets came off the back of some changeable weather conditions, first at Gerroa and then in Kiama.

That’s a nice view, isn’t it. Sun peeked through the clouds and turned everything gold.


Golden reflections in the water.


You quite often get large groups down at this part of Seven Mile because it’s where the path from the tourist park emerges.


Sun just dropping down below Seven Mile National Park.


Some bloke with Crocs walked through here. May or may not have been me.


Low cloud blocked most of the colourful back-lighting in the higher levels of the atmosphere, but occasional windows opened up.


This dude was hydrofoil surfing all evening – looked like he was having fun even in the quite average swell.


Sunset in Kiama looking towards the telecommunications mast on the top of Saddleback.


Looking over Storm Bay towards the showground from Blowhole Point.


Long exposure fun.


Last shot of the evening, looking out to Kaleula and Marsden Head.