With no sign of cloud on the horizon, I figured I’d fly over my own town – Berry. There was absolutely no wind and I made the most of it, shooting some panoramas and 360º spheres.

This is the little fountain garden next to the court house – you can’t actually access this unless you’re at a function here.


Full 180º pano over Berry as the sun sets behind the escarpment.


Vertical pano of the court house. It’s not actually a court any more – you can hire it out for weddings etc.


Just down the road, that’s Broughton Creek which flows into the Shoalhaven River.


Lower angle shot over Broughton Creek – my favourite shot of the day this one.


180º pano over the creek. Not sure what that boat’s all about or who owns it – it’s been there for ages.


Over the river as the light fades.