To round off the weekend and to start the week I decided to shoot both sunset on Sunday and sunrise on Monday. For sunset I headed down to Black Head with Catherine. As we arrived a pod of dolphins were jumping through the waves but they’d swum off into the sunset before I had time to get the drone in the air (sad face). It was a cool sunset though with the sun peeking through the clouds near Coolangatta. Then sunrise with a lot more cloud about but a gap on the horizon meant it shone through in the end.

Looking south over the Shoalhaven Bight.


This 180ยบ shows off pretty much all of Gerroa and Seven Mile in one shot.


Low down near the rocks at Black Head. The lonely figure on the headland is me!


Sun sinks towards the horizon.


Catherine went looking for the seal that lives here. He was not at home.


Reverse sunset, looking north up the coast towards Gerringong.


And here’s how sunrise started the next day – looking south towards Crookhaven Heads.


The rising sun started back-lighting through an off-shore gap in the clouds.


Morning walk along the beach at sunrise is always nice.


In the dunes.


The 50mm really captured the light so beautifully in this one.


Sunrise reflections in the sand.


Putting his best foot forward.


Your sunrise bokeh shot. Love my 50mm.


Last shot of the morning, just before the sun disappeared behind the clouds once more.