Sunrise. Sunset.

Living as I do within one of the largest areas of restricted airspace outside of Sydney, I have grown used to not being able to fly my drone whenever I want to. Normally the airspace is active after 8am in the morning (during the working week) which means that most days I cannot photograph the sunset. However I always check the NoTAMs via the OzRunways app to see if the airspace is active and sometimes I get lucky. Yesterday was one of those days when the restricted airspace was not active which meant I got to fly at both sunrise and sunset. And so I thought I would combine both shoots into one which means we get this bumper crop of shots.

Over the old river mouth looking south.


Best colours were early – this is looking south-east – that’s the surf club on the right.


Over the top of the national park near the golf course track.


Reverse shot of the day arriving in Shoalhaven Heads.


Dog wasn’t happy about being on the beach at all. He hung right back.


Sun over the horizon but stuck behind some low level offshore cloud.


Birds on the shoreline.


At the main path down onto Seven Mile.


Light rays as the sun approaches the top of the clouds.


The dune in front of the surf club building has really built up.


Sun appears for the first time.


Through the dune grass.


On the zoom to capture the breaking waves.


About 100m up and the setting sun fills a gap on the far horizon.


The lights come on in Shoalhaven Heads.


Tide was right in.


That’s Orient Point on the left in the background.


Lower level and the light’s fading.


This is a full 180ยบ pano, comprised of 21 x 1.5 second exposures.


Last shot of the night, with my DSLR – a 15 second exposure.

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