Ah yes, the lovely Kiama Coastal Path. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph this particular stretch of coastline many times over the years. I love the rolling green hills that break to bays and cliffs along the ocean’s edge. I particularly enjoy being here very early in the morning and this particular sunrise (from 2013) was one of the nicest I’ve ever photographed. The beauty of this spot has been dulled somewhat, by the construction of a massive concrete monolith of  a house on the hillside here. It was a contentious build and probably precedent-setting. Houses are going up along this stretch of coastline and I have no doubt whatsoever that eventually all the land between Gerroa and Gerringong will be built on, as the dairy farms succumb to supermarket price gouging and the effects of climate change, and the pastures become housing estates. I do realise I’m out of step with the way many Australians seem to feel about these sorts of developments, with the general consensus being that the landowner can do what the fuck they want on their land as long as it meets council regulations, but I can’t help feeling sad watching the natural landscape getting concreted over and I make no apologies for that. So my advice is get out there and photograph it while you can.


First shot of the morning and a long exposure picks out the waves breaking on the rock shelf.


Tree provided a great bit of foreground interest as the sun starting back-lighting the clouds.


Fast forward five years and you’ll find a Grand Design on that hill. Call me mad, but I don’t think a concrete mega-mansion improves this view.


Awesome colour by this stage, reflecting in the tidal waters of the rock shelf.


Sun starting to blaze through the clouds.


This can be a bit of a dodgy spot when there’s a swell running.


Ding! The sun breaks through.


Change of viewpoint, down on the rocks to capture some cool splashes.


Full burn on the sunrise and the back-lighting hits a crescendo.


I did manage to avoid getting too wet capturing these shots.


Last shot of the day, sun up, and an eagle soars over the cliffs.