Sunrise and Sunset – River and Beach in Shoalhaven Heads

The weather has broken (a bit) here in south coast NSW. It’s been pretty much non-stop cloud, rain, storm, drizzle and wind for the last couple of weeks so when there was a chink of light in the sky I grabbed my camera bag and headed out. Last night I missed some dramatic sunrays about 30 minutes before sunset, but caught some nice late light down at Hay Avenue. And this morning there was a little bit of sunrise colour so I headed to Seven Mile Beach for the last lonely sunrise there for a while (the tourists are coming!).

Found this natural frame in the mangroves to box the sunset.


Mid-level clouds reminded me a bit of Donald Trump’s comb-over.


Out to the oyster beds.


Rain heading my way. Strong winds and showers kicked off shortly after I got in the car to head home.


<rant>This really depressed me. I’d have fished it out of the water but it was right out in the middle of the river. Is it really so hard not to further pollute our oceans and rivers? Summer always depresses me because our lovely beaches and landscape get polluted by brainless idiots on their holidays who couldn’t give two shits about our rapidly decaying world.</rant>


Pelican looking a bit water-logged.


It’s behind you!


Your sunrise bokeh shot – well sunrise and sunrise reflection.


Dramatic rays as the sun goes behind offshore cloud.


Bit of golden glow, looking south-east towards Point Perp.


In the dunes.


Not much in the way of swell this morning.


The on-the-way-back-to-the-car shot.

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