With a very cool looking sky in evidence, Catherine and I headed out to Shoalhaven Heads to catch the sunset. We were quite late getting there, but that was fine because the colour only starting popping about 20 minutes before sun down.

Favourite shot of the day was the first one I took.


Through the 50mm, beautiful orange glow.


The view through the little mangrove plants.


Fired up the 300mm zoom for this one and it came out very nicely indeed. That’s the public wharf on the right and the private wharfs backing onto the millionaires row of houses on the river.


Ochre colours.


Ah yes, the bokeh shot with the 50mm.


Birds going about their end-of-the-day business.


Got so low for this one I sat my arse in the water.


About 5 seconds after sunset – deep red glow.


Zoom to the colourful streaks of high level cloud.


Playing with focal length for this one.


Long exposure to smooth out the ripples on the water.


Colour rapidly dwindling by this stage.


Catherine got an awesome timelapse on her iPhone. She stood like this for 15 minutes and reckoned she could win Survivor on the basis of her feat of strength.


Last shot of the – about a 5 second exposure.