Stormy Skies at Murrays Boat Ramp

I do like a moody sunset. I headed down to Jervis Bay at the end of a wet week to see if I could find some bioluminescence and I decided to photograph the sunset first. Several little storm cells were tracking over the bay and creating some great colour in the back-lit skies.

Golden skies behind a little storm cloud over Bowen Island.


Proper moody shot. The storm you can see in the background would drench me about 30 minutes after I took this shot.


The oceans were pretty calm, despite the wild weather.


You often get a couple of very large stingrays here at the ramp, but they were no-shows on this evening.


Rain over the top of Nowra.


Crystal clear water in the bay.




The sun sets on another day in the bay.

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