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Well now, what an adventure this was.  This might turn into a bit of a yarn, so bear with me.

One of the advantages of working for myself is that I can down tools when I want if interesting photographic situations arise. I knew storms were forecast and the local storm chasers had posted on Facebook that there were good prospects for some decent storm activity, so I was keeping an eye on the sky. Mid-afternoon I looked out of the office window and the clouds were looking decidedly stormy, so I checked the radar and saw a line of storms all queued up in the west. I grabbed my camera bag and headed out in the Kluger which is far better suited to stormy weather photography than my Golf. Initially I headed to Shoalhaven Heads, but I realised I wouldn’t have a good enough angle on the approaching storm so I went a bit further north to Berrys Beach in mid-Seven Mile and this turned out to be the perfect location to view the storm’s approach …

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Seven Mile Beach National Park stretches the length of Seven Mile Beach. It can be accessed at multiple points at Shoalhaven Heads, Berrys Beach and Gerroa. There is also a bushtrack that runs the length of the park through the pristine bushland.

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