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I was going to head south again for sunset last night, but at about 5:30pm I sat in my office chair to do 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation and I woke up over an hour later rested but short on time. Not sure quite when I nodded off during my deep-breathing exercises, but it meant I’d have had to rush to get to the bay and so I opted to drive to Gerroa instead. It was very windy, but I have growing confidence in my Mavic 2 Pro quadcopter and so I decided I would fly it. It was the sort of sunset I’ve photographed many times with my Canon DSLR, but only occasionally with my drone, so I left the Canon in the bag and spent the whole sunset with the Mavic in the sky …

Shooting panos of the ocean with a drone can be problematic. Quite often (as with this shot) there are large portions of the view that are very similar and which often throw up stitching errors with the pano software. In the case of this image, the area of the scene where the horizon meets the sky caused all sorts of grief and I had to manually tweek the section to the left of Mount Coolangatta and an area of surf. The cliffs of the Beecroft Peninsula (on the horizon line about a third of the way across) look like a stitching error but are not. Anyway – I really like this pano, for all its flaws – I shall remember to shoot the sun off-centre on these 180ºs more often in the future.


Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa is my ‘go to’ beach as it’s a short drive from my house and offers a flexible number of landscapes in one small area. You can shoot on the beach, on the reserve by the boat ramp, over the rocks behind Crooked River or round the corner at Black Head.

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