Skydio Drone – Next Level Object Avoidance

Has to be said, the video for this new drone is extremely impressive – if it performs as well as these videos suggest then this is a real game-changer. DJI have object avoidance in their drones, but it is not particular smart and not particularly useful – what Skydio have done is place object avoidance at the very heart of their drone, making it possible for complete beginners to create awesome aerial footage in difficult environments.

Even better, this isn’t some KickStarter project that will never see the light of day, this drone is available to order now at $2500USD. The drone’s main camera can record 4K at 30fps with a 150° field of view. I think this is an innovative design and I think it’s great to see someone challenging DJI with the sort of features that their drones should have iterated to several years ago.


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