Boy oh boy was it windy on Seven Mile Beach last night. Quite a few holidaymakers floating around in the creek, but most of them had been blown off the beach by the time I got down there.


The guy on the left was photographing the sunset with his phone in a plastic pouch. Not sure how that pouch would affect the optics, but I’m guessing it would distort the image quite a bit.


I love shooting into the sun to get these golden shots.


Told you.


These people have very steep insteps – either that or I have very flat feet.


Shimmers on the sand.


Wind was blowing the top off the waves.


Surprise! Portrait shot. Don’t often shoot that way around because I like the cinematic viewpoint, but the moment demanded it.


This was the under-exposed shot of a bracketed trio that I used do that none of the highlights in the shimmer were blown out. Looks like real gold, doesn’t it?


Bit of kelp on the sand for some foreground interest.


Last shot of the night, colour fizzing and