More and more photographic devices are now offering RAW file formats alongside the usual JPEG format, even the iPhone can now save in the DNG file format. The RAW image gives a photographer full control over a photo giving them the unmodified raw image data as it was collected on the camera sensor and with no post-processing by the camera’s firmware. The problem is that previously you needed something like Adobe Lightroom to edit those RAW photos which kept the format at a serious/professional level of use.

What you might not know is that Mac OS has its own built-in RAW engine and the team at Gentlemen Coders have now developed a plugin for Apple Photos that gives full RAW compatibility. The plugin sits within the Photos interface and offers all the sliders you’d expect to see such as highlight and shadow recovery sliders, white and black points, vibrancy, sharpness and full curves control. It costs a very reasonable $9.99 and is available in the Mac App Store.

RAW Power