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White Sand World at Hyams Beach


Beautiful coloured skies backlit at sunrise over the pristine white sand of Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay.

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Some time ago the marketing team for Hyams Beach came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to promote local Hyams Beach as having the whitest sand in the world on the basis that it sounded good. And while it is undeniably a white sand beach (one of 16 in Jervis Bay) it does not have the whitest sand in the world and it never has. However the marketing slogan has stuck to Hyams like sand on a damp arse cheek and it remains far and away the busiest beach in Jervis Bay with a continual influx of international tourists keen to take a selfie on the beach with the whitest sand.

If you visit Hyams Beach out of season then you can still find peace and quiet. This particular photograph is an extract from a full 360ยบ sphere shot I took with my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone in winter 2019.

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