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The Magnificent Seven on the Shoalhaven River


As a vibrant orange and gold sunset lights up the reflections in the Shoalhaven River, seven pelicans cruise elegantly past.

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I always like photographing the Shoalhaven River from the boat ramp at Hay Avenue as it’s something of a magnet for wildlife of one kind or another. Birds choose to roost in the trees and on the oyster fetches here in great numbers and the pelicans, always the opportunists, are usually hanging around when the fishing boats return from a day on the water. On this particular occasion no less than seven pelicans showed up in the expectations of fish scraps from the fishermen and, after they’d had their filled, they cruised silently past me on their way to their roosts for the night.

This is a tone-mapped image created from three exposures in order to ensure that all of the light in the scene was captured.  It was taken in the winter of 2017.

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