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Big Swell at Ourie on Werri Beach


An aerial shot of the famous Ourie Pool at the southern end of Werri Beach in Gerringong.

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The ocean rock pool at the southern end of Werri Beach in Gerringong goes by the unlikely name of Ourie Pool. And in case you wondered (I know I did), it’s called Ourie because that’s how they used to spell Werri. So now you know. There again Werri Beach used to be called Lagoon Beach, so why it’s not called Lagoon Pool is anyone’s guess. In any case it’s a picturesque pool situated on the rock shelf below the small cliffs at the southern end of the beach.

This is an aerial ‘bomb’ shot of the Ourie Pool comprised of three individual shots stitched into a panorama, taken with my Phantom 4 drone fitted with a circular polariser.

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