Okay, so here’s a little video that I’ve been working on for about six months now, to showcase an amazing part of our region and a place that’s very close to my heart – Jervis Bay. I previously did a video called Postcard from Jervis Bay, but in reality it was more like a video from the bottom-left corner of Jervis Bay as it only really covered the popular Vincentia beaches. So of course I wanted to create a video that covered more of the bay and to that end, I’ve been down there shooting drone, DSLR and GoPro footage and collecting it all together with this project in mind.

Amongst the locations that I visited and filmed in for this video are Point Perpendicular, Honeymoon Bay, Long Beach, Hare Bay, Red Point, Callala Bay, Myola, Huskisson, Shark Net, Moona Moona, Greenfields, Chinamans, Hyams, Green Patch, Scottish Rocks, Hole in the Wall, Murrays and Cape St George.

Putting this together was a lot more problematic than you might think. The problem is that shooting in Jervis Bay is no easy task if you decide to stay within the law – particularly for the drone shots. It is at the centre of a large area of restricted airspace within which you cannot fly during the week (or least after sunrise during the week). It is also close to an airfield which you’re not allowed to get within 5km of. The entire Booderee National Park is also (ordinarily) a no-drone zone as it is a Commonwealth Park and drones are banned completely from all Commonwealth Parks. There’s also a large bombing range (the Beecroft Weapons Range) which is active during the week and flying a drone near naval destroyers and helicopters is not a brilliant idea (not to mention illegal).

Now luckily for me I caught a great break when a big international adventure race came to the bay and they secured a drone amnesty for the weekend of the race which meant they allowed drones in Booderee and cleared the airspace so they could fly near the airfield. Lots of folks fly their drones in Booderee, either because they do not know it is against park regulations and federal law or because they just choose to ignore it to get ‘the shot’. So it was awesome to be able to fly there with a clear conscience and no chance of a hefty fine from CASA and/or the park authorities! So I got some cool Booderee shots down on Murrays Beach, Green Patch, Scottish Rocks and Hole in the Wall. I would have loved to have also shot aerial footage at the Snapper Point sea-caves, at Cape St George and at Steamers, but time and battery power were against me.

The northern side of the bay is not actually as difficult to fly in because it’s not a Commonwealth Park. Hare Bay is open as long as the restricted airspace is not active and you can fly in Beecroft (at Point Perpendicular and Honeymoon) at weekends. I flew twice there, once on a blisteringly hot mid-summer’s day and once on an atmospheric sunrise.

I recently got a couple of GoPro cameras to add to my film-making arsenal – a Session 5 and a Hero 5 Black. They’re both awesome little cameras, though their battery life leaves a lot to be desired. I used them for the underwater shots which were taken at Greenfields, Green Patch, Murrays Beach and Murrays Boat Ramp. I also used the Hero 5 for the shots at Cape St George of the lighthouse and the driving clip.

I had a rough cut of this video finished earlier this year but I still wasn’t happy with the clips and the content and the geographical area I’d covered, so I went back many more times, collecting bits of video here and there. In all the whole process of shooting the video in here took about eight months, but the majority of it was shot during the summer of 2016/17.

Jervis Bay is an incredible place and I fully intend to do a third volume of my Postcard series shot there. Next time round my intention is to get out to the fringes of the bay, to the Drum and Drumsticks for instance and round the wilder portion on the back half of Booderee. I also want to fill in a few of the gaps, at Target Beach for instance and Callala Beach and round on the northern side of Booderee where the sea caves are. It would be great to get some scuba diving qualifications too and get properly underwater, but I’m pretty sure the finances can’t stretch to that yet.

I hope you enjoy the video. Stay tuned for more of my regular Sunday to Sunday videos.