Plantation Point – Perfect Night for a Drone Flight

It was a lovely summer’s evening last night and so I decided to head down to Jervis Bay to shoot the sunrise. To give myself the option of shooting with the DSLR and the drone I headed to Plantation Point because it’s one of the few spots on the south of the bay where you can shoot back towards the land. There was absolutely no wind at all and, with the airspace inactive over the holidays it was a no-brainer to put the Mavic up in the air and see how things looked from the sky.

Sort of skewed pano side-on to Plantation Point.


It was a super low tide as well which offered all sorts of foreground possibilities for photographs that would not normally be present.


Favourite shot of the night. I flew the Mavic out above the ocean and up to about 70m for this 180º pano facing head-on to the Plantation Point rock reef. Very please with how this one came out.


Nelsons Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Vincentia, because it’s dog-friendly.


Looking west towards Orion Beach.


The reefs here are a great snorkelling spot.


Quite a few boats moored off Collingwood Beach at this time of year.


Got low for this one – some folks were enjoying a late evening swim off Barfleur.


Took this 180º from about 100m up with the Mavic just over the edge of the headland.


I’m so used to seeing our beaches empty that it always comes as a shock to me when I’m processing the photos and there’s all these people in the shots.


Bit of a selfie this one.


Swimmers enjoying the warm waters of the bay.


Really like this shot of Nelsons – I don’t think I’ll get over how clear the water of the bay is.


The DSLR got a bit neglected but my last shot of the night was with the Canon on a tripod out on the slippery rocks.


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