If you’ve ever looked at another photographer’s image and wondered how they achieved that particular look in Lightroom, then this is the website for you. PixelPeeper enables you to drag and drop a JPEG and view all the Lightroom slider settings that person used to achieve the look. It won’t work on photos uploaded to Instagram or Facebook because they strip all of the EXIF data out on upload and it won’t work if the photographer has disabled EXIF when exporting from Lightroom, but outside that any image post-processed in Lightroom should work.

By way of testing I swung by the Sub-Reddit  /r/PostProcessing and picked one of the myriad ‘How to get this look?’ posts. The person in question was asking about travel photographer Dan Tom’s images. I picked one photo at random and  you can see the example output in the image above. All the Lightroom slider data is there (the bar scrolls down) but you can see he’s basically dropped the white balance and raised the black balance while doing a few tweaks to clarity and saturation.