Lake Conjola

Well then, the car pointed me south this morning and, unwilling to interfere with its epic commonsense, I went with it. We drove past Jervis Bay, ignored Sussex Inlet, thumbed our nose at Fisherman’s Paradise and ended up in Lake Conjola. Since I was there last, the caravan park has grown a little beach up the far end which makes getting to Green Island and Conjola Beach does not require the epic detour along the boardwalk through the bush. Unfortunately, it being pitch-black, I didn’t know that and so walked the long way round and in fact only found out about the new mini beach when I saw it through the drone’s camera. Anyway, it was a lovely sunrise and I got some great footage which I will incorporate into a video. This photo was taken above Lake Conjola looking out to see over the top of Cunjorong Point near Bendalong and out past Green Island. Have a great weekend team. 🙂
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