Broughton Creek

Last night I had every intention of going out for sunset but I got a bit engrossesd in work and was only stirred from my focus on the screen by Catherine shouting from the other room, “Have you seen the sky?” I looked out of the window and saw the sky lit up. Crap. Looked at the clock: 7:02 (sunset). Crap. Didn’t have much time so I headed to nearby Broughton Creek which is a two minute drive from my house. Got there, got the drone out, started setting up, realised I’d left the camera card at home in my rush to get out of the door. Drove back home, got the card, drove back to the creek.
So by now it was 10 minutes past sunset and that’s actually the sweet spot for colourful skies. So I sent the drone up and upstream. The images were looking quite noisy (due to the lack of light the Phantom 4 cranks up the ISO) and so I decided to try some aerial long exposures. These aren’t possible very often because they need the drone to remain very still, but there wasn’t the merest hint of wind, so it worked out well. Believe it or not, this shot was taken 25 minutes after sunset from 80m up in the air. This view is looking south-west – in the distance you can see the edge of the Illawarra escarpment which is home to Cambewarra Lookout.