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Summer Vibes – At Last
The bushfires not only kept many people away but they lead to many identical sunsets due to the smoke. How nice then for the smoke to clear and the sun to come out.
Bio in the Bay
With an algal bloom widely reported on social media large numbers of people showed up to check out a bioluminescent bloom in Jervis Bay.
Golden Sands at Gerroa
It was a beautiful summer's evening so I headed out early to photograph the sunrise and ended up, as I so often do, at Gerroa where I was met by a super low tide and a golden glowing sunset.
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I make an effort to head out to photograph the local landscape every day. Quite often I will head out for sunrise (usually at one of the local beaches) and, if the skies are looking good I’ll head out for sunset too. In a sense these collections are like photo diaries too as I often make note of anything that catches my eye.

Sky Fire at Gerroa

Having been occupied with other matters, it was great to head out to Gerroa for sunset last night and even greater when the sky gods sent some heavenly cloud fire our way.

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