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On the Rocks at Black Head Reserve
With some nice high cloud on the horizon and a strong north-easterly wind, I headed down onto the rocks on the southern side of Black Head Reserve in Gerroa to photograph the sunset.
Changing Seasons at Seven Mile
Sunset moods, seabirds and evening walks along the sands at low tide on Seven Mile Beach in Gerroa
Late Light and a Late Night in Shoalhaven Heads
Evening colour arrived late, but it did arrive! I decided to see the sunset in Shoalhaven Heads and flew my drone.
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I make an effort to head out to photograph the local landscape every day. Quite often I will head out for sunrise (usually at one of the local beaches) and, if the skies are looking good I’ll head out for sunset too. In a sense these collections are like photo diaries too as I often make note of anything that catches my eye.

All Kinds of Mellow

Distant rumbles of thunder and lots of cloud inspired me to head over Gerroa for sunset to see if we were going to get any sky colour and it happened there was colour until the sun set.

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Water World

We get floods fairly regularly round here and the same low-lying places are impacted each time. I headed out to a couple of the spots I knew would be worst impacted by the heavy rains we’ve been having and took some photos and flew the drone.

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Moody Sunset at Gerroa

The sunset held very little promise of colour thanks to a tonne of low cloud but it was a nice quiet evening and I fancied catching the sunset at Gerroa, so that’s where I went.

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Golden Sands at Gerroa

It was a beautiful summer’s evening so I headed out early to photograph the sunrise and ended up, as I so often do, at Gerroa where I was met by a super low tide and a golden glowing sunset.

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