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Blazing Autumn Sunrise Lights up the South Coast
With some high cloud forecast and a gap beyond the horizon, the signs were excellent for a colourful sunrise. So I headed over to Shoalhaven Heads with DSLR and drone to see how it looked...
Fishermen, Surfers and Eagles at Sunrise on Seven Mile
Awesome sky colour and an opportunity to fly the drone on Seven Mile Beach in Shoalhaven Heads.
Low Tide and Sunset on the Shoalhaven Estuary
Some cool looking cloudscapes drew me to Shoalhaven Heads for Sunset and while the sky fizzed, it was great to be out on the tidal sand-flats enjoying some peace and quiet.
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I make an effort to head out to photograph the local landscape every day. Quite often I will head out for sunrise (usually at one of the local beaches) and, if the skies are looking good I’ll head out for sunset too. In a sense these collections are like photo diaries too as I often make note of anything that catches my eye.

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