Windy but Worthwhile, Sunrise on Seven Mile

Tuesday morning is one of my favourite days of the week, because I have a spin class at 6:15am and it’s always nice to get my daily exercise out of the way nice and early. So I got up and dressed in my gym kit as normal, got in the car and headed for the gym. However I never made it to my spin bike because I could see some awesome early colour forming in the sky and so, instead of turning right to the gym, I drove straight on to the beach.

As it happened it was a cracking sunrise with a great bank of cloud forming on the interface of the land and the ocean which got back-lit by the rising sun. I was going to fly the drone but the wind was very strong and my Phantom 4 has had a few ‘moments’ in strong winds, so I stuck to the Canon. I did however shoot a timelapse on the GoPro which I’ll stick online somewhere at some point. So, definitely worth skipping spin for, but now I’ve got to go and do an hour on the treadmill to make up for it.

© 2021 Andy Hutchinson
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