The Winter Solstice, Two Ducks and Mount Coolangatta

I have a really cool feature on my watch and iPhone that sends me a message every single day to tell me that there’s one hour until sunset. It of course adjusts to the correct time and it means that if I haven’t specifically planned to be somewhere, I have a good half an hour to get in my car and get somewhere scenic to photograph the last light of the day. Tonight I missed my message somehow and only realised that the sunset was coming with 30 minutes to go. So I had enough time (just!) to get to Shoalhaven Heads and even then, not far from the car park. Fortunately I live somewhere awesome and beauty is never far away. So anyway, it turned out to be a terrific sunset – and it was really nice to be slopping around in the waters of the Shoalhaven estuary once more.

© 2021 Andy Hutchinson
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