The Estuary, the Dunes and the Wharf

As always I checked the clouds well before sunset last night and gave them a big photographic thumbs up. All that would be required for a nice sunset would be a gap near the horizon and, as I check the satellite images I realised that was just what we were going to get.

I’ve been driving on autopilot to Gerroa on evenings like this lately so instead I decided to go to Shoalhaven Heads and see what I could capture out on the estuary. Fortunately it was low tide and so I decided to take the drone out with me to get some different viewpoints. As sunset approached, the sky colour started changing and before long we were treated to a glorious display of colour. Even better, it was one of those sunsets that went on and on until a full hour after sunset.

© 2021 Andy Hutchinson
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