Shooting the Supermoon on the Coast

In the modern era of social media and, particularly since the massive boom in photography, events such as ‘supermoons’ have become far better known. However this is the first one that I recall hearing about. It took place on the 6th of May back in 2012 and, unlike subsequent supermoon events (which have been better attended than firework displays), I didn’t recall seeing any other photographers out and about photographing round here during this one. Maybe it was because I was the only nut-job down on the rock shelf during a fairly sizeable swell. All of these shots were taken on my old 550D with the standard 18-55mm kit lens and my trusty Manfrotto travel tripod which, many years later, finally gave up the ghost after spending most of its life submerged in sea water. Canon’s 18-55mm kit lens is much derided by serious camera-folk, and I don’t know why. Sure it isn’t particularly fast, but the glass is great quality and I’ve always enjoyed the creamy shots you can get on it with long exposure – as evidenced by these images. 

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