Magical Summer Sunset at Drawing Room Rocks

The forecast for sunset was great so I headed out early with every intention of going to the beach. However at the last minute I turned left at the roundabout instead of right and drove up Woodhill Mountain towards Drawing Room Rocks. I had a full bottle of water and a headtorch so I was ready for the hike back down in the dark. I did also have a new pair of hiking boots on which was not the greatest decision because while the boots were welcome on the testing track, I did get blisters.

I got to the top with an hour to spare and was pleased to note that I had the whole lookout to myself. This location used to be something a local's secret, but over the last five years it has got busier and busier and during the summer months it's really crowded. So it was a real treat to be on my own enjoying the peace and serenity far above the countryside.

I used my long lens to take some shots towards the coast before the sun went down and in one shot single shot I managed to photograph Shoalhaven Heads, Comerong Island, Crookhaven Heads, Culburra, Lake Wollumbulla, the Beecroft Weapons Range and the Point Perpendicular lighthouses.

However my favourite shot of the evening was when I a currawong hopped onto a rock. She'd been with me the whole time I was at the lookout but timed her arrival for a portrait shot to perfection. Sore feet and ruined knees aside, I greatly enjoyed this evening hike and the photographs I took whilst there.

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